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Public Records

Town records are considered public records, unless protected by law, and may be viewed and/or reproduced as permitted by law. The Clerk’s office maintains many vital and permanent records including legislative records (minutes, ordinances, and resolutions) and a variety of other public records. The Marshal’s Office and Court records must be obtained from the respective department and special forms may be required.

Many of our most important records are available on our website. If you are unable to find what you need, you can visit our office or call. Records requests that encompass an unusually large amount of documents or that require a substantial amount of staff time to produce or a request for information that will be used for commercial purposes requires a written Public Records Request form. There is no charge to view records and there is no charge if we are able to transmit a document to you electronically. There is a fee for paper copies of documents and recordings of meetings.

The Clerk’s office will also assist in directing you to the appropriate department or outside agency from which to obtain records.

Public Record Request – Non-Commercial Purpose

Public Record Request – Commercial Purpose