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Ordinance # Date approved by Council Description of Ordinance
2019-A440 01-23-2019 2018 ICC
2018-A439 11-28-2018 Text Amendment Section 103 Bed & Breakfast
2018-A438 11-28-2018 Zoning Map Change-Nichols-Fair
2018-A437 06-05-2018 ZMC-Homestead Parkway
2018-A436 06-27-2018 Text Amendment –Home Occupations
2018-A435 06-20-2018 Purchase of Old Circle K property
2018-A434 05-23-2018 Med. Marijuana Dispensaries
2018-A433 04-25-2018 Zoning Map Change – Hansen 403-22-041B
2018-A432 02-28-2018 Zoning Map Change to PAD
2018-A431 02-07-2018 Amending Town Code
2018-A430 02-07-2018 Amending P&Z -Definitions
2018-A429 01-03-2018 Zoning Map Change – Finnie Flat Rd
2017-A428 11-01-2017 Amendment to Planning & Zoning Ord
2017-A427 11-01-2017 Zoning Map Change –Abide 403-19-137
2017–A426 09-28-2017 Zoning Map Change-Chuck Devine Rd
2017-A425 07-26-2017 Adding Section to Allow Shipping Containers
2017-A424 07-26-2017 Zoning Map Change 536 W Salt Mine Road
2017-A423 06-28-2017 Amending P&Z Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations
2017-A422 Not Used
2017-A421 12-28-2017 Zoning Map Change
2017-A420 12-07-2017 Approving Sale of property on McCracken
2016-A419 12-07-2016 Amending Tax Code
2016-A418 06-15-2016 Amend Tax Code
2016-A417 not used
2016-A416 03-02-2016 Amending Town Code-Attorney
2016-A415 02-17-2016 Amending Town Code
2015-A414 12-16-2015 Text Amendment-Agri-Tourism
2015-A413 11-04-2015 Adopting by Reference – Fema Maps
2015-A412 11-04-2015 Amending Town Code-Animal
2015-A411 08-05-2015 Amending Tax Code
2015-A410 07-22-2015 Zoning Map Change 404-02-005C
2015-A409 06-24-2015 Amendment P&Z Ordinance
2015-A408 06-24-2015 Amendment to Mining Ordinance
2015-A407 06-24-2015 Text Amendment Heavy Equip Repair
2015-A406 06-24-2015 Text Amendment RR District
2015-A405 05-19-2015 Amending Tax Code on single item purchases
2015-A404 02-25-2015 Zoning Map Change
2015-A403 01-07-2015 Increase in sales tax
2014-A402 12-03-2014 Town Code – Adding 13-1-5
2014-A401 08-06-2014 Update Town Code Article 7-1 & 7-2
2014-A400 11-19-2014 Repealing Tax on Sale of Food for home consumption
2014-A399 10-15-2014 Update Town Code 11-1-5 Noise Ordinance
2014-A398 09-17-2014 Tax Code – Sales of Food for home consumption shall be taxable
2014-A397 06-04-2014 Amending Town Code-Chapter 6 Animal Control
2014-A396 06-25-2014 Zoning Map Change 403-22-019H
2014-A395 06-25-2014 Zoning Map Change 404-18-181D
2014-A394 11-19-2014 Zoning Map Change 403-23-104F Homestead Parkway
2014-A393 04-23-2014 Zoning Map Change 404-28-056
2013-A392 12-18-2013 Amending Town Code-Town Marshal Residency
2013-A391 12-18-2013 Amending Town Code-Manager Residency
2013-A390 12-18-2013 Amending Town Code – Residency
2013-A389 12-18-2013 Amending Town Code – Alcohol Use
2013-A388 06-25-2013 Amending P & Z Ordinance Part 2 Section 203
2013-A387 01-23-2013 Zoning Map Change-404-26-032
2012-A386 09-05-2012 Approving Sale of Horseshoe Bend Drive
2012-A385 08-15-2012 Amending Town Code
2012-A384 06-27-2012 Amending P&Z Ordinance Part 2 Section 203
2012-A383 06-06-2012 Tax Code Amendment
2012-A382 05-06-2012 Sales Tax Increase
2012-A381 04-04-2012 Vacancies on Council
2011-A380 10-26-2011 A text amendment to the P & Z Ordinance
2011-A379 10-19-2011 Amending TC 12-3-4
2011-A378 12-07-2011 Moratorium – suspending collection of Development fees
2011-A377 06-22-2011 Donation of .70 acres-Industrial Drive
2011-A376 05-04-2011 Purchase of Real Property –Industrial Drive
2011-A375 04-20-2011 Amending Town Code 11-1-6 Parks-Alcohol
2011-A374 05-25-2011 Adopting by Reference Planning &Zoning Ordinance
2010-A373 03-17-2010 Amending Town Code
2011-A372 05-18-2011 Town Code
2009-A371 09-23-09 Zoning Map change Mondale Lane.
2010-A370 04-07-2010 Amending Town Code: 2-3-1.1
2009-A369 08-28-2009 Amending Town Code Alcohol Use
2009-A368 08-19-2009 Amending  Tax Code
2009-A367 08-19-2009 Amending Town Code Alcohol Use
2009-A366 07-15-2009 Amending Town Code Financial Policies
2009-A365 06-03-2009 Amending Town Code Handicapped Parking
2009-A364 04-08-2009 Amending Town Code Vacancies in Council
2009-A363 04-01-2009 Sale of Property-German
2009-A362 02-18-2009 Amending Town Code Vacancies in Council
2009-A361 08-19-2009 Administrative Building Code
2009-A360 02-18-2009 Amending Town Code  Commissions
2009-A359 08-19-2009 2006 International Code Council Codes,
2008-A358 11-19-2008 Amending Town Code Public Input
2008-A357 10-24-2008 Amending  Zoning Ordinance Section 124
2009-A356 02-04-2009 Amending Tax Code
2008-A355 09-17-2008 Amending Town Code
2008-A354A 12-17-2008 Amending  P & Z Ordinance Signs
2008-A353 03-19-2008 Amending Tax Code
2008-A352 7-25-2008 Zoning Map Change-Jehovah Witness
2008-A351 03-26-2008 Zoning Map Change-Village Corner
2008-A350 03-05-2008 Fingerprinting Policy
2008-A349 02-20-2008 Property Purchase-Forest Service Admin.
2008-A348 05-28-2008 Amending P&Z Ordinance Section 108d
2008-A347 03-26-2008 ZMC Highlands-Meier
2007-A346 09-19-2007 Town Code- Finance Director
2007-A345 09-05-2007 Amending Section 109
2007-A343 07-25-2007 Amending Section 109- Livestock Regulations.
2007-A342 06-27-2007 Zoning Map Change allowing beauty salon.
2007-A341 05-23-2007 2003 Plumbing (IPC), and 2003 IBC Appendix J-Grading
2007-A340 09-05-2007 Amending Section 108 I
2007-A339 05-23-2007 Amending Section 113
2006-A338 12-06-2006 2007 Tax Code
2006-A337 9-20-2006 Development Fees
2006-A336 10-25-2006 Enforcement Procedures 7-7-1
2006-A335 07-26-2006 Flood Insurance study  and floodplain management regulations.
2006-A334 07-26-2006 Zoning Map Change-Robb Witt RCU-2A to R1-35
2006-A333 07-26-2006 Zoning Map Change – Jack Sheehan Mini Storage
2006-A332 08-02-2006 Adopting Town Code by Reference-Resolution 2006-694
2006-A331 10-25-2006 Design Review
2006-A330 06-21-2006 Approving escrow papers Black Bridge Park
2006-A328 06-07-2006 2006 Amendments to the Tax Code’ by Reference
2006-A327 04-26-2006 Zoning Map Change-Prince- from RCU2A to R1L-35
2006-A326 04-26-2006 ZMC- Simonton-
2006-A325 04-26-2006 Zoning Map Change-Simonton from PAD to M1
2006-A324 04-26-2006 Zoning Map Change-River’s View at Simonton Ranch
2006-A323 04-26-2006 Zoning Map Change-Homestead-from PAD to R1L-18
2006-A322 05-24-2006 Amending Section 108  Height Limits
2006-A321 03-15-2006 Town Code adding Section 3-2-8 Housing
2006-A320 02-22-2006 Zoning Map Change-Hirth
2006-A319 01-25-2006 Zoning Map Change-Ewin
2005-A318 10-26-2005 Zoning Map Change-Ewin
2005-A317 10-26-2005 National Flood Insurance Program
2005-A316 11-16-2005 Amending Ordinance 2005-A313
2005-A315 09-28-2005 Zoning Map Change-Johnson
2005-A314 09-14-2005 Amending Town Code
2005-A313 07-27-2005 Zoning Map Change-Simonton
2005-A312 09-07-2005 Sale of Pseudo-ephedrine Products
2005-A311 08-17-2005 Amending Town Code
2005-A310 07-20-2005 Adding Article 7-9 Stormwater
2005-A309 05-25-2005 Zoning Map Change-Douglas Hall
2005-A308 05-25-2005 Zoning Map Change- McDonald
2005-A307 04-27-2005 Zoning Map Change-Verfurth
2005-A306 04-27-2005 Zoning Map Change-Kilby
2005-A305 04-27-2005 Zoning Map Change-Turley
2005-A304 03-25-2005 Zoning Map Change- Coury
2005-A303 03-23-2005 Zoning Map Change-Cherry Creek Village Co.
2005-A302 03-23-2005 Zoning Map Change-Industrial Park
2005-A301 03-02-2005 SR 260 Annexation
2005-A300 03-23-2005 Zoning Map Change-Equestrian Estates
2005-A299 02-23-2005 Rezoning Trails End RV-Commercial
2005-A298 03-23-2005 Zoning Map Change-Cement Block Plant/Cemetary
2005-A297 02-02-2005 Purchase Rio Verde Plaza
2005-A296 01-05-2005 2002 Amendment to Tax Code
2005-A295 01-26-2005 Amend Section 103 C3 Uses
2005-A294 01-26-2005 Amend Section 108 Height Limits
2005-A293 01-26-2005 Amend Section 103 Will
2005-A292A 02-02-2005 Amend Section 108
2005-A292 01-26-2005 Amend Section 108
2005-A291 01-26-2005 Rezoning 260
2004-A290 11-17-2004 Zoning Map Change-McReynolds & Carpenter
2004-A289 10-20-2004 Procedures for Ad Hoc Committee
2004-A287 10-27-2004 Zoning Map Change-Stanley
2004-A286 10-27-2004 Zoning Map Change-McDonald
2004-A285 09-22-2004 Zoning Map Change-AZ North Properties
2004-A284 12-01-2004 Purchase Property-646 S. 1st Street
2004-A283 08-25-2004 Zoning Map Change-Gilbert
2004-A282 07-28-2004 Zoning Map Change-Groseta & Fain
2004-A281 06-23-2004 Zoning Map Change-Verfurth
2004-A280 06-02-2004 Amending Town Code-Business License
2004-A279 08-25-2004 Zoning Map Change-Howards Rd
2004-A278 05-05-2004 Motorized Skateboards
2004-A277 08-25-2004 Zoning Map Change-Zane Grey Investments
2004-A276 05-05-2004 Skateboarding Ordinance
2004-A275 04-28-2004 Zoning Map Change-Diamond Creek North
2004-A274 03-03-2004 Adopting ICC Building Codes
2004-A273 02-04-2004 Amending Town Tax Code
2004-A272 01-28-2004 Amending Ordinance 2002-A228
2004-A271 02-25-2004 Zoning Map Change-Verde Cliffs
2004-A270 01-21-2004 Amending Town Code-Direct Election of Mayor
2004-A269 01-28-2004 Zoning Map Change-Hollamon
2004-A268 01-28-2004 Amending Light Ordinance
2003-A267 12-03-2003 Amending Personnel Handbook
2003-A266 12-17-2003 Zoning Map Change-I17
2003-A265 11-19-2003 Zoning Map Change-Flowers
2003-A264 12-17-2003 Zoning Map Change-Out of Africa
2003-A263 11-19-2003 Zoning Map Change-McNabb
2003-A262 11-05-2003 Regular Council Meeting Dates
2003-A261 12-03-2003 Selection of New Commission Members
2003-A260 09-17-2003 Amend Town Code-Board & Commission
2003-A259 07-23-2003 Zoning Map Change-344 S 7th Street
2003-A258 07-23-2003 Zoning Map Change-Clanton
2003-A257 06-25-2003 Repealing Section 119 of P&Z
2003-A256 06-25-2003 Repealing 99-A149
2003-A255 06-04-2003 Repealing 2-3-6 Paragraph C-reconsideration of agenda items-Town Code
2003-A254 04-23-2003 Zoning Map Change-403-23-005K from RCU-2A to C3
2003-A253 09-24-2003 Zoning Map Change-404-17-028A from RCU-2A to R1L-70
2003-A252 03-26-2003 Zoning Map Change-Amend Ordinance 2002-A228-Mulcaire
2003-A251 02-05-2003 Repeal Chapter 15-3-1 Town Code
2003-A250 01-22-2003 Zoning Map Change-Site Plan
2003-A249 01-22-2003 Zoning Map Change-Landon Bates
2003-A248 01-22-2003 Zoning Map Change-Leisure Homes
2003-A247 03-05-2003 Employee Appointment & Removal Repealed by 2004-A267
2003-A246 02-26-2003 Amend Section 109-Home Occupation