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Upcoming Proposals   Council Meeting Date/Time
1)        FY20 Proposed Town Fees   May 15th – 6:30 pm
1)        FY20 Proposed WW Debt Levy & Assessment   May 15th – 6:30 pm
2)        FY20 Proposed Tentative Budget   June 19th – 6:30 pm
Recent Proposals   Meeting Date
1)        FY20 Budget Presentations   Apr. 9th & 10th – 5:30 pm
2)        FY18 Audit Presentation   March 6th – 6:30 pm

 Strategic Planning Summary


Audits   Budgets   Exp Limitation Rpts
    FY19 Final Budget (GFOA Award Submitted)    
FY18 Audit – CAFR  (GFOA Award Submitted)   FY18 Final Budget (GFOA Award)   FY18 AELR
FY17 Audit – CAFR (GFOA Award)   FY17 Final Budget (GFOA Award)   FY17 AELR
FY16 Audit – CAFR (GFOA Award)   FY16 Final Budget (GFOA Award)   FY16 AELR
FY15 Audit – CAFR (GFOA Award)   FY15 Final Budget   FY15 AELR
FY14 Audit – CAFR (GFOA Award)   FY14 Final Budget   FY14 AELR
FY13 Audit – CAFR (GFOA Award)   FY13 Final Budget   FY13 AELR
FY12 Audit   FY12 Final Budget   FY12 AELR
FY11 Audit   FY11 Final Budget   FY11 AELR
FY10 Audit – CAFR   FY10 Final Budget    
FY09 Audit – CAFR   FY09 Final Budget    
FY08 Audit   FY08 Final Budget    


State Budget Schedules    
FY19 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY19 Final State Budget Schedules
FY18 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY18 Final State Budget Schedules
FY17 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY17 Final State Budget Schedules
FY16 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY16 Final State Budget Schedules
FY15 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY15 Final State Budget Schedules
FY14 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY14 Final State Budget Schedules
FY13 Tentative State Budget Schedules   FY13 Final State Budget Schedules

Quarterly Reports – FY18, FY17 & FY16

 FY19 1st QTR Report    FY18 1st QTR Report     FY17 1st QTR Report
 FY19 2nd QTR Report    FY18 2nd QTR Report     FY17 2nd QTR Report
 FY19 3rd QTR Report    FY18 3rd QTR Report     FY17 3rd QTR Report
     FY18 4th QTR Report     FY17 4th QTR Report

Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Info

Other Financial Documents & Policies


Financial Records

Searchable financial records for Camp Verde can be found at: