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NOTICE: It may take some time for the Town Clerk’s office to fully update the new website with all Agendas, Actions, and Minutes, due to the large number of files involved. If there is specific file(s) that you would like to request, please download the Public Records Request form and submit in to the Town Clerk. There is no charge to view records.

Agenda Actions Taken Minutes
12-22-08 Special Session xx
12-17-08 Regular Session xx xx
12-17-08 Special Session xx
12-3-08 Regular Session xx xx
12-3-08 Special Session xx
11-19-08 Regular Session xx xx
11-19-08 Special Session xx
11-12-08 Special Session 6:30 p.m. xx
11-12-08 Special Session 5:30 p.m.
11-05-08 Regular Session xx xx
11-05-08 Special Session xx
10-29-08 Joint Meeting – Yavapai Apache Nation xx
10-22-08 Council hears P&Z xx xx
10-15-08 Regular Session xx
10-15-08 Special Session xx
10-08-08 Work Session xx
10-01-08 Regular Session xx xx
10-01-08 Special/Work Session xx
9-24-08 Council Hears P & Z xx xx
9-24-08 Special Session xx
9-17-08 Special Session xx
9-17-08 Regular Session xx xx
09-04-08 Council Retreat xx
9-03-08 Regular Session xx xx
9-3-08 Council Vision meeting xx
8-27-08 Council Hears Planning & Zoning xx xx
8-27-08 Special Session xx
8-20-08 Regular Session Cancelled
8-06-08 Regular Session xx xx
8-06-08 Special Session 615p.m. xx
8-06-08 Special Session 5pm xx
8-05-08 Special Session xx
7-30-08 Special Session 6p.m. xx
7-30-08 Special Session 5p.m. xx
7-29-08 Special Session-Interviews for Consultants xx
7-23-08 Council Hears Planning & Zoning xx xx
7-23-08 Special Session xx
7-16-08 Regular Session xx xx
7-09-08 Work Session xx
7-02-08 Regular Session xx xx
7-02-08 Special Session xx
6-25-08 Special Session xx xx
6-18-08 Regular Session xx xx
6-18-08 Special Session xx
6-11-08 Special Session xx
6-04-08 Regular Session – Cancelled
6-03-08 Budget Work Session xx
5-29-08 Budget Work Session xx
5-28-10 Council Hears P&Z matters xx xx
5-28-08 Special Session xx
5-27-08 Work Session xx
5-22-08 Special Session xx
5-21-08 Regular Session xx xx
5-21-08 Special Session xx
5-20-08 Work Session xx
5-07-08 Regular Session xx xx
5-07-08 Special Session xx xx
4-23-08 Council Hears P&Z Matters xx xx
4-16-08 Regular Session xx xx
4-15-08 Work Session Sanitary District Canceled
4-09-08 Work Session xx
4-02-08 Regular session xx xx
-26-08 Council Hears P&Z Matters xx
3-19-08 Regular Session xx xx
3-19-08 Special Session xx
3-12-08 Joint Session with Library Advisory xx
3-12-08 Special Session xx
3-06-08 Joint WS Sanitary District Canceled
3-05-08 Regular Session xx xx
3-05-08 Special Session xx
2-27-08 Council hears P&Z Matters xx xx
2-26-08 YAN FORUM xx
2-21-08 Joint WS Sanitary District xx
2-20-08 Regular Session xx
2-13-08 Joint Work Session Parks & Rec xx
2-12-08 Retreat Follow up – Decker xx
2-7-08 Emergency Meeting immediately following Joint Work Session xx
2-7-08 Joint Work Session with Camp Verde Sanitary District Board xx
2-06-08 Regular Session xx xx
1-30-08 Special Session xx
1-23-08 Council Hears Planning & Zoning Cancelled
1-16-08 Regular Session xx xx
16-08 Special Session xx
1-10-08 Work Session xx
1-09-08 Work Session xx
1-09-08 Special Session xx
1-02-08 Regular Session xx xx