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Open Meeting Law Information

Open Meeting Law Training: Gammage & Burnham: Audio & Handout

Agenda Minutes Media
12-25-2019 Council Hears Planning & Zoning Matters-Cancelled
12-18-2019 Regular Session-Cancelled
12-11-2019 Work Session-Cancelled
12-04-2019 Regular Session xx xx
12-04-2019 Special Session xx xx
11-27-2019 Council Hears Planning & Zoning Matters-Cancelled
11-20-2019 Regular Session xx xx
11-13-2019 Special Session xx
11-06-2019 Amended Agenda xx xx
11-06-2019 Regular Session xx xx
10-23-2019 Council Hears P&Z Matters-Cancelled
10-16-2019  Regular Session with Amended Agenda xx xx
10-09-2019 Work Session-Cancelled
10-08-2019 Special Session xx xx
10-02-2019 Regular Session xx xx
09-25-2019 Council Hears P&Z  Matters xx xx
09-25-2019 Additional Information item 4e
09-18-2019 Regular Session CANCELLED
09-11-2019 Work Session CANCELLED
09-04-2019 Regular Session xx xx
08-28-2019 Special Work Session xx xx
08-28-2019 Council Hears P&Z-CANCELLED
08-21-2019 Regular Session – CANCELLED
08-16-2019 Special-Executive Session xx xx
08-14-2019 Work Session xx xx
08-07-2019 Regular Session xx xx
07-31-2019 Work Session with additional information

Yavapai County Presentation

xx xx
07-24-2019 Special-Executive Session xx xx
07-24-2019 Council Hears P&Z CANCELLED
07-17-2019 Regular Session xx xx
07-17-2019 Special Budget Session xx xx
07-10-2019 Special-Work Session xx xx
07-10-2019 Special-Executive xx xx
07-03-2019 Regular Cancelled
06-26-2019 Council Hears P&Z Matters xx xx
06-19-2019 Regular Session xx xx
06-10-2019 Special-Executive Session xx xx
06-05-2019 Regular Session-Cancelled
05-29-2019 Special and Executive Sessions xx xx
05-22-2019 Council Hears P&Z Matters xx xx
05-15-2019 Regular Packet xx xx
05-08-2019 Special Budget with Green Sheet xx xx
05-01-2019 Regular Session xx xx
05-01-2019 Special-Executive Session xx xx
04-24-2019 Council Hears P&Z – Cancelled
04-17-2019 Regular Session xx xx
04-10-2019 Special Budget Work Session xx xx
04-9-2019 Special Budget Work Session xx xx
04-03-2019 Additional Information 5.5
04-03-2019 Regular Session xx xx
04-03-2019 Special-Executive CANCELLED
03-27-2019 Special – Work Session xx xx
03-27-2019 Council Hears P&Z-Cancelled
03-20-2019 Regular Session xx xx
03-13-2019 Joint Work Session xx xx
03-06-2019 Regular Session xx xx
02-27-2019 Council Hears P&Z – Cancelled
02-20-2019 Regular Session xx xx
02-13-2019 Work Session-Cancelled
02-08-2019 Special and Executive Sessions xx xx Part 1

xx Part 2

02-06-2019 Regular Session xx xx
01-30-2019 Special and Executive Sessions xx xx
01-23-2019 Council Hears P&Z xx xx
01-16-2019 Regular Session xx xx
01-09-2019 Work Session xx xx
01-03-2019 Retreat xx xx
01-02-2019 Regular Cancelled