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2018 Town Council

Open Meeting Law Information

Agenda Minutes Media
05-23-2018 Council Hears P&Z Matters xx xx
05-16-2018 Council Regular Session xx xx Part 1

xx Part 2

05-09-2018 Work Session CANCELLED
05-04-2018  Special-Budget xx-draft xx Part 1

xx Part 2

05-02-2018 AMENDED REGULAR SESSION xx-draft xx
05-02-2018 Regular  Session xx-draft xx
04-25-2018 Council Hears P&Z-second half audio xx please click download
04-25-2018  Council Hears P&Z xx-draft xx
04-20-2018 Budget xx xx
04-18-2018 Regular Session xx xx
04-13-2018 Budget xx xx-please click download
04-11-2018 Work Session xx xx- please click download
04-04-2018 Regular Session-Additional  Information xx xx
04-04-2018 Regular Session xx xx
04-04-2018 Special Executive xx
03-28-2018 Council Hears P&Z -Cancelled
03-28-2018 Special Session xx
03-21-2018 Regular Session xx xx
03-14-2018 Work Session -cancelled
03-09-2018  Budget CIP  Cancelled
03-07-2018 Regular Session xx xx
03-02-2018 Special Session -  Budget xx xx
02-28-2018  Council Hears P& Z xx xx
02-21-2018 AMENDED AGENDA xx xx
02-21-2018 Regular Session xx xx
02-14-2018 Work Session xx xx
02-09-2018 Special Work Session xx xx
02-07-2018 Regular Session AMENDED xx xx
02-07-2018 Regular Session xx xx
01-31-2018 Special-Executive AMENDED xx
01-31-2018 Special-Executive Session xx
01-24-2018 Special-Executive Session xx
01-24-2018  Council Hears P&Z Cancelled
01-17-2018 Regular Session xx xx
01-17-2018 Special-Executive Session xx
01-10-20 18 Work Session xx xx
01-03-2018 Regular Session xx xx