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Town Clerk

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Town Clerk
473 South Main Street
Camp Verde, Arizona 86322

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Phone: (928) 554-0024
Fax: (928) 554-0022

Town Clerk

Virginia Jones, CMC, Certified Municipal Election Official

Administrative Assistant – VACANT

Recording Secretaries

Jennifer Shilling

Janet Turner

Marie Moore

Lynn Riordan

Mission statement

We proudly serve our community through the preservation of historical records, by protecting the democratic process through fair and impartial elections, and by making certain that all public information is available to the public. We feel a sense of responsibility to lead by examples of creativity, enthusiasm, and loyalty to our community in which we are honored to serve.


The Municipal Clerk serves as a direct link between the citizens of their respective communities and their government. The Clerk is the Historian of their community, for in their care rests the entire recorded history of the political decision-making of the town government. The Clerk’s function is very much entwined with the basic democratic principles. Some key attributes of these principles include the balance of power and the separation of powers, open access to information, open decision-making, fair elections, accountability for decision-making, and due process or rule of law.

As administrators of the legislative process, a Clerk’s purpose is to ensure that these basic tenets of democratic government are upheld throughout the process of governing. While other employees and elected officials must comply with democratic procedural requirements, the Clerk is accountable for the legislative procedures, such as maintaining open and fair processes for citizen access to information and the public record. Clerks help to clarify procedures and processes in dialogues that continually occur between administration, the Council, and the public. The Clerk helps to explain and in a sense, legitimize public processes.

In summary, the Clerk is the local government official charged with ensuring that the people’s business is conducted publicly and that the people have access to the records. The Clerk is the information source, provider, recorder, and record keeper. The Clerk also serves as the liaison between the Council and the public. Above all, the Clerk is the “Guardian of Democracy” holding true to the pledge of fair and impartial elections, open meetings, and public records.



START BY BELIEVING DAY – 1st Wednesday of April each year

03-30-2017-Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day

02-23-03-03-2017 Scit Tech Stem-Steam Week

02-01-2017 – 2017 Year of Civic Engagement

01-23-2017 thru 01-28-2017 Proclaimed as Stand With Me, Be Drug Free Week


2016 11-11-2016 Extra Mile Day

10-2016 Fort Verde State Historic Park Month

09-24-2016 Camp Verde Arbor Day Celebration

09-2016 Declaring Camp Verde Clean

09-2016 Grandfamily-Kinship Care Month

08-21-27 2016 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week

06-30-2015 Granite Mountain HotShots

06-14-2016 Veterans Memorial Plaque

05-01-07-2016 Municipal Clerks Week

05-15-2016 Peace Officers Memorial Day & Week of 05-15-2016 Police Week

05-2016 Building Safety Month

04-21-2016 PowerTalk 21 Day

04-2016 RiverFest Month

04-2016 Go Blue for CASA Month

04-2016 Fair Housing Month

04-02-08-2016 SciTech STEM week

04-10-16 National Volunteer Week

04-10-16 National Library Week

03-30-2016 Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day

02-03-2016 Supporting Increased Awareness Relating to Human Trafficking

General Information

Council Meetings & Agendas

Public Records