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Municipal Development Fees

Development Fees are assessed to provide for the development of Public Facilities and Services required by the new development. The Town Code defines “Public Facility or Service” as public improvements, facilities or services, including police facilities, municipal facilities, open space, parks and library facilities necessitated by New Development. “Public Facility Expenditures” is defined as an appropriation or expenditure of public funds incurred in connection with the provision of a Public Facility or Service, including but not limited to:

  1. planning, legal, appraisal, financing, development, and other costs related to the acquisition of, or use rights on, land;
  2. the costs of compliance with bidding procedures and applicable administrative and legal requirements; and
  3. all other costs necessarily incident to the provision of the Public Facility.

The voters of the Town of Camp Verde approved Development Impact Fees in March 2006. The purpose and intent of the Town’s Development Fee Code are:

  • To establish uniform procedures for the imposition, calculation, collection, expenditure and administration of any development fees imposed on New Development;
  • To implement the goals, objectives and policies of the Town of Camp Verde General Plan, as amended from time to time, to assure that New Development contributes its fair share towards the costs of providing Public Facilities for Services reasonably necessitated to such New Development;
  • To ensure that New Development obtains a reasonable benefit by the Public Facilities or Services provided with the proceeds of Development Fees;
  • To ensure that all applicable and appropriate legal standards and criteria relating to the imposition of Development Fees are properly incorporated into the Town Code; and
  • To ensure that all applicable procedural requirements of A.R.S. 9-463.05 have been met.

The Town Code Chapter 7, Article 7-10, Municipal Development Fees, details the purpose and intent of establishing and collecting Development Fees as well as defining under what types of development the fees are assessed, procedures for imposition, calculation and collection of the Development Fees, annual reporting requirements and tracking of funds collected.